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China to impose tougher penalties on polluters under new law

China to impose tougher penalties on polluters under new law

BEIJING, April 24 (Reuters) - China on Thursday passed amendments to an environmental protection law imposing tougher penalties on polluters in the most sweeping revisions to the law in 25 years amid mounting public anger over pollution.


EU carbon rises 1.8 percent on reduced supply

LONDON, April 24 (Reuters) - European Union carbon prices gained 1.8 percent on Thursday as traders bet the market would rise further on the back of cuts in supply from government auctions of permits and sales from the European Investment Bank.


Australia climate plan leaves emission cuts with government

April 24 (Reuters) - Australia on Thursday released a draft climate plan that would leave the government responsible for funding the nation's emission cuts while the nation's biggest carbon emitters would only be liable if they exceed historically high levels.

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  • 16 Apr 14

    Remember to exchange your credits!

    Only EUAs are valid for compliance in phase 3 of the EU ETS, and compliance operators who intend to use credits for 2013 compliance have to exchange their credits for EUAs before the compliance deadline on 30 April. The option for such exchange will become available for all operators before that date. The final deadlines for credit conversion are set for end of March 2015 and December 2020, depending on when and where the emission reduction backing the CER or ERU took place. While providing guidelines on the timing and procedure for credit exchanges, we expect operators to optimize the CER-EUA price difference. Therefore, we expect conversions ahead of the 30 April 2014 compliance deadline to predominantly serve 2013 compliance purposes only.

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