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Facts & figures

Our history

Point Carbon was founded in 2000 setting out on a mission to provide critical insights into carbon and energy markets. The idea behind Point Carbon stemmed from research on environmental, energy and resource management politics at the independent Fridtjof Nansen Institute in Norway, as well as well as a PhD on quantitative modelling conducted at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where all the founders have studied.

Pioneering services in carbon and energy markets, Point Carbon has matured along with the rapidly developing world’s environmental markets.

Major company developments include the following key items:

In 2007 Point Carbon struck a financial deal worth 30 million USD with the US based Oak Investments and JP Morgan. The research report series Carbon Market Analyst North America was introduced. Point Carbon also hosted the first annual Carbon Market Insights Americas in New York City this year.

Point Carbon opened an office in Washington DC. The news publication Carbon Market North America was launched.

Acquisition of Natsource Tullett Scandinavia power & gas business instantly positioned Point Carbon as the unique provider of combined energy & environmental markets trading analytics services.

In 2005 the web-based tool for CDM & JI markets, the Carbon Project Manager, was released.

That same year Point Carbon’s Advisory Services took off as the major provider of both independent expertise and individual approach in delivering solutions to companies in the form of reports & multi-client studies.

The first annual Carbon Market Insights conference in 2004 gathered 450 delegates.

The trading analytics tool, Carbon Market Trader, was introduced providing the market with thorough analysis, research and news on the EU ETS market.

Point Carbon opened a London based office and launched a weekly price assessment for EUAs.

The most widely circulating service Carbon Market News started full coverage of the markets.

The first product Carbon Market Analyst was introduced to the market.

Point Carbon is owned by Oak Investments, JP Morgan, J-Power, Mizuho, Schibsted and the employees.

Our products

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