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Carbon Market Research
Carbon Market Research Services provide broad and in-depth understanding of the global carbon markets including the EU ETS, the CDM/JI flexible mechanisms, AAU trading as well as the emerging carbon markets in North America, Japan, Australia and others.

Carbon Market Research Services provides thorough analysis of policy and market developments, tying together short-term market implications and long-term trends.

Key features

  • In-depth research reports on key topics in the global carbon markets
  • Price forecasts and forward curves for key markets
  • Rapid response Analyst Updates on market events and policy developments
  • Quarterly webinars for interactive discussions on recent issues
  • Full-time access to Point Carbon analysts
  • Web-only data on existing and emerging markets


Read our annual report

We published "Carbon 2014 - Into smoother waters?" with the results of our annual survey. This year we received 1,600 responses.

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Previous annual reports, available for free: 
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