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Welcome to Carbon Project Manager

Carbon Project Manager (CPM) is Point Carbon’s "one-stop-shop" for companies, carbon funds and governments active in the CDM and JI markets. This online data and information platform is tailor-made for CER and ERU traders, project investors, fund managers, analysts, and risk managers.

CPM enables you to find projects for investments or to benchmark projects against your own projects. This tool will keep you current on what is going on in the CDM and JI markets.

CPM is divided into six sections: Analysis, supply, demand, market data, databases, and resources. Below you will find an overview of the different sections. 


The comprehensive analysis package is an important part of Carbon Project Manager. In this section you will find analytical reports related to most aspects of the CDM and JI markets, in particular those related to supply and demand of CERs and ERUs. 

  • Weekly reports and analyst updates cover developments in new CDM and JI projects, projects performance, supply- demand balance, and prices in the CDM and JI market.
  • Carbon Project Briefs are 5-10 page reports that provide analysis of recent developments with key implications for the CDM and JI markets.
  • Carbon Market Analysts are in-depth 12-15 page reports on major issues in the CDM and JI markets.
  • Carbon Policy Updates cover the developments of the regulatory framework for the CDM and JI markets, as well as policy developments in key countries important for the supply and demand balance in the market.
  • CDM & JI Monitor is Point Carbon News department's biweekly report on the latest from the CDM and JI markets. Here you will find CDM market comments, feature articles, and latest relevant market news.
  • Country profiles section lists detailed information for fifteen main Annex I and Non Annex I CDM and JI host countries. Each profile states the country’s Kyoto status, carbon institutions and market achievements, including CDM and JI projects statistics, its post-2012 position as well as Point Carbon’s assessment of carbon policy and market developments.



The supply section contains Point Carbon's estimates of the supply of CERs and ERUs from CDM and JI projects to the global carbon market. The forecast of CER and ERU supply is based on a combination of emission reductions from current projects and future upcoming projects. It includes: 


  • An overview of issued CERs, ERUs, and Point Carbon’s forecast of total CER/ERU issuance by the end of 2013.
  • An overview of CERs to be issued month by month during the upcoming year.
  • A detailed view of CER and ERU supply by projects types and countries.



The demand section presents Point Carbon’s estimates of the demand for CERs and ERUs. It contains: 

  • Estimated Kyoto shortage and CER/ERU demand of governments and private companies in countries with commitments under the Kyoto Protocol
  • Government investment in CERs, ERUs, and AAUs 
  • An overview of the import limits for CERs and ERUs for EU ETS
  • Eligibility, which addresses likelihood of project type eligibility under UNFCCC, US and EU ETS schemes


Market Data 

The market data section covers the development of prices in the CDM and JI markets. The section provides in data and graphical forms the following:
  • Price ranges for primary CERs and ERUs
  • Secondary CER price assessments updated on a daily basis
  • CDM and JI market comments on prices and market trends.
  • Transaction search from Point Carbon’s transaction database.  



The databases section builds on the Carbon Project Manager databases of CDM and JI projects, methodologies, companies, and funds. It contains: 
  • Projects: Among its many features, CPM offers a comprehensive collection of carbon market projects maintained within two databases: the CDM/JI and New Credits database. Together they contain detailed entries on over 17,000 CDM and JI projects and over 800 voluntary market projects at various stages of development. Both are updated on a regular basis. The search function enables the user to select a very specific group of projects based on a single criterion, such as project type, methodology, host country, involved parties etc., or a combination of different criteria. For all search results it is possible to show statistics or make an Excel download.
  • Benchmarks: In the benchmark sub-section, performance indicators for groups of projects can be compared. For example, it allows the comparison of wind projects in three different countries, or three different project types in one specific country.
  • Statistics: The statistics sub-section shows how many CDM and JI projects there are in the Carbon Project Manager database respectively. It also presents some general statistics based on the project database. 
  • Methodologies: This is a database of baseline and monitoring methodologies. All methodologies have a short summary, a list of events and links to associated projects. The database is updated regularly according to the decisions of the Meth Panel and the CDM Executive Board, and helps you keep updated on the approval process of CDM methodologies.
  • Market Players: This section provides a searchable list of all known CDM/JI and voluntary carbon market players, numbering more than 14,000 in case of CDM/JI and close to 800 for voluntary market. For every player it is possible to observe project involvement status and performance indicators.
  • Funds: As an aid for prospective investors, this section serves to track the size and activity of major carbon funds currently active in the CDM/JI markets.
  • Investor country approval: This table shows the amount of CDM and JI projects currently approved in different investor countries. You can also find information about the approval procedures in investor countries.   



The resources section is a user's guide for the Carbon Project Manager. Here you will find information about the methodologies behind the numbers you see and details on how to use the different pages. A resource page is devoted to each main section of the Carbon Project Manager. There is also a repository for presentations and webinars, where PowerPoint slides from Point Carbon-led presentations are posted. An ABC of Carbon glossary is also located within the resources section, where you could look up definition and acronyms of carbon-related terms.

As a Carbon Project Manager customer you are always welcome to contact our team with questions and comments. You will find details on how to contact us in the resources section. Our contact details are also accessible through the link in the top right of each section.