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Power Market Trader Northwest

Power Market Trader Northwest is your on-line solution for continuously updated fundamental information and forecasts covering the Northwest Power market. 

Who is it for?

Our analyses are tailor made for the major players in the Northwest US power markets. We provide comprehensive analyses and information about the power market and its drivers.

Key Features

  • Live weather forecast updates from the leading global weather models (ECMWF and GFS)
  • Proprietary hydrological modeling for all key Northwest river basins
  • Proprietary forecasts of power demand, wind power production and nuclear power availability
  • Daily market analysis of Mid Columbia Hub
  • Interactive web-based service, live updated and fully customizable
Our expertise
  • Market Analysis and continuous Model Development
  • In-house team of meteorologists and hydrologists
  • Analyst hotline and direct access to our experienced team of analysts


A peek into the product

Daily wind supply for Germany, based on our state-of-the art wind models
EC and GFS weather maps, updated six times per day