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Published every Friday morning since 2002, Carbon Market Europe gives you the essential insight into current events and an overview of what happens in the EU emissions trading scheme. Guest writers keep you up-to-date with the on-going debate on emissions trading, and the week’s trading is summed up.
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Published twice a month, this report helps reduce the uncertainties associated with CDM & JI investment and trading. Includes market trends, transaction data, project information and examines national and international project approval processes in detail, as well as providing focused news on the Kyoto markets.
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In 2010 Point Carbon was first to publish these market moving stories:

HFC 23 issuance scandal


Point Carbon News was first to publish news of the allegations of gaming by HFC 23 project developers, first to publish the news there would be an investigation, first to identify the supply squeeze and first to publish the news of the delays. Nearly two weeks later, some contracts hit four month highs on the back of the developments.
EU auctioning rules

Point Carbon News was first to break news that the EU commission would not decide on auctioning rules for phase three of the EU emissions trading scheme this year. Almost immediately the market reacted, with prices jumping to a seven-month high.
Hungarian CER abuse

Point Carbon was first to break the news that Hungary had sold used carbon credits back into the market to plug holes in its budget. One week after the story was published the commission suspended surrendering of all carbon credits.